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As 2019 is coming to a close, many of us are turning our attention toward the new year and what we hope to experience or accomplish in the next 12 months. We reflect on the success and the challenges of the previous year, and begin to hope and dream about the future. And with the transition of the winter solstice, this is a natural time to be more quiet, look within, and reflect on changes we want to make in the coming year.

Before we go on, ask yourself: How many new year resolutions have you set and then forgotten about within a matter of days or weeks? How many have you stayed committed to throughout an entire year?

Many of us have too many lost or broken resolutions to count. (And as we get older it gets harder to keep count!)

So this year, I’d like to invite you to approach your new year resolution with more openness and fluidity. I’m going to share with you how I create my own resolution for the new year, and set myself up for success in the process.

Natural & Astrological Alignments

If this isn’t your cup of tea, you can skip ahead to the next section, but personally I find that by aligning with the cycles of nature, I get an added boost of energy with my intentions. During winter, we naturally turn inward to ourselves more. We spend more time inside because of the cold weather, and may even want to sleep more because of the longer nights and shorter days. In those longer nights, we may find ourselves dreaming more and reflecting on the vibrant and active seasons (past and to come).

What are you dreaming into your future?

Solar eclipses are also a great time for setting intentions, because the powerful energies they bring help spur you forward into new beginnings that are aligned with your purpose and path in life.

Did you know there was a solar eclipse on Dec 25th this year (or the 26th depending on your location)? You can read more about the astrological significance here.

This is why I personally chose to set my intent and focus for the new year (2020) a little early.

Room For Growth

Whether you choose to set your new year resolution on January 1, a winter solstice, or an eclipse, you can set yourself up for success by shifting how you approach your resolution.

Lately there has been a trend toward setting a theme for new year resolutions, rather than a specific goal. And yet, if you’re familiar with coaching, you’ve probably learned to create SMART goals, emphasizing the specific and measurable. However, I have found having a balance between the specific and the bigger picture theme is far more satisfying. It allows you to stay committed no matter what life challenges creep up.

Let’s look at a common new year resolution: Lose weight.

While this resolution might seem like a general theme at first glance, it’s actually quite limiting, and yet also very vague!

How much weight? How will you drop the weight? And even if you narrow it down to “drop 20 pounds by going on a keto diet”, you are boxing yourself in even more. There might be a better way to fuel and feed your body, depending on you what is unique about you and your body. Dropping 20 pounds could be less effective when compared to replacing fat or gaining 20 pounds of muscle.

Whatever resolution you choose, make sure there is space for your awareness to shift, grow, and expand. It’s in the shift in awareness that transformations first are born.

I also invite you to consider what happens if life gets really tough. Let’s return to our example of weight loss. Are you realistically going to stick with your resolution if you become too busy to cook your meals at home? If you lose the finances to hire a personal trainer or go to the gym? If, heaven forbid, you became ill and had very little energy for follow-through?

We can never truly know what will happen in the months ahead. Some years feel magical and everything seems to fall effortlessly into place. Others are met with great challenges that seem to shift everything out of place.

A powerful new year resolution is a focus or intent you can honor, no matter how tough life gets.

Krystal Matocha

A powerful resolution will allow you to adapt and shift in your approach, in any given moment or situation. And when you have space to move in, your awareness will naturally change as you navigate through the experiences of your life. In fact, with shifts in your awareness, you may be led down a more fulfilling path.

Some examples of powerful resolutions (instead of weight-loss), could be: Body Alignment; Love My Body; Body Care; or Body Health.

Even if it feels as though everything is falling apart in your life, you can still find ways to align with what your body needs or make choices that are based in health. So you can start to see how themes lead to specific actions while still allowing you to move fluidly throughout your life.

What is your resolution for the new year?

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