How Anyone Can Make A Positive Difference In The World

The power of coherence

How coherence positively influences others

For obvious reasons, tomorrow is a big day (US inauguration), and I know a lot of us have been feeling the tension and pressure increasing in the last couple weeks especially. 

It’s more important than ever that we stay centered in ourselves, open-hearted, and compassionate. I know it can be challenging at times, but we are stronger together. That may sound cliche, so I’d like to share some examples of what I mean.

A number of studies have been conducted on the effect of meditation on violent crime rates in surrounding areas. Large groups of people meditating have shown to reduce crime rates by 11-23% – depending on the study. Even a 10% reduction is enough to save lives. This is known as the Maharishi Effect and it “may be defined as the influence of coherence and positivity in the social and natural environment.”

The studies uncovered that for a single community, only the square root of 1% of that population is needed to be in a coherent state to produce these amazing results. Coherence is a highly efficient state of harmony within the body, between various physical systems, including the heart, brain, mind and emotions.

For example, if the population of your city is 160,000 you would multiply that by 1% to get 1,600 people. Then calculate the square root of 1,600, which is 40. So in this example, 40 people in a state of coherence and positivity have the power to reduce crime by 11-23% in their city. Just by being in a state of coherence.

Additionally, the mere act of a single person meditating (IF they achieve coherence), can influence others around them to also be more calm and centered. Coherence is not contagious per se, but it does provide the people around you with the opportunity to become more coherent themselves, through the phenomena of entrainment. 

We can summarize entrainment as the rhythmic syncing and coordination of separate entities. This can happen with mechanical devices as well as with brainwave and heartbeat patterns of living beings.

Youtube video demonstrating entrainment with mechanical metronomes.

Research shows us that when people learn to sustain internal coherence, there is a “physiological linkage” (in other words, physical entrainment) that promotes empathy and good rapport between others.

This is how we can bridge the divide, and at the very least add our intentional thoughts and energy to the most positive outcome for everyone involved. You do not have to be famous, have a platform to speak from, or be in any kind of public light to have a positive influence on the world. You can do this just by being you – in a coherent state.


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Published by Krystal Matocha

Krystal helps singles build the confidence to overcome dating anxiety and loneliness. With certifications in heartmath and hypnotherapy, she offers 1:1 coaching programs that are relaxed, conversational, and deeply transformative in 1-3 sessions, without years of therapy, meditation, or nightly self-help homework.