Pain & Self-Esteem: A Helpful Symptom

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Pain is a helpful symptom of low self-esteem.

If a person breaks their leg, it’s supposed to hurt.
If it’s broken, you want it to hurt.

Pain is one way the body communicates, saying:
Tend to the wound immediately. 


Once you’ve tended to it, then the pain can cease because you no longer need it.
As the body heals, so can the achy feels.

Even though you can’t see your self-esteem, you can feel it.
It shows itself through inner thoughts and feelings.
If the thoughts and feelings are painful, that’s your signal to tend to the wound.

If it’s a scratch or a scrape, we can tend to it ourselves.
If it feels broken, better to enlist a specialist.

Some specialists offer home remedies while others you must visit face-to-face.
However, the steps that are needed can vary greatly from one to the next and a moment.
A home remedy is a low-cost investment and works fine for the common cold.
But if it feels broken, are you sure you want to manage it with a home remedy?

When it comes to self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, and let’s say in life:

Not everyone needs to remove abundance blocks.
Not everyone needs to get organized.
Not everyone needs to go to the gym.
Not everyone needs to eat a vegan diet.
Not everyone needs to listen to affirmations.
Not everyone needs to meditate.
Not everyone needs to take that specific action.

But where we get back in alignment –
the pain, whether physical or emotional, can more quickly smooth and ease.

So why not today:
Take one small healthy step to increase self-esteem and loosen the grip of sadness. 

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Published by Krystal Matocha

Krystal helps singles build the confidence to overcome dating anxiety and loneliness. With certifications in heartmath and hypnotherapy, she offers 1:1 coaching programs that are relaxed, conversational, and deeply transformative in 1-3 sessions, without years of therapy, meditation, or nightly self-help homework.