Goals That Motivate

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A good goal is a vision that inspires us to take action.
But it’s only the first step.

A nice-sounding goal does not always equate to a goal that inspires.
More specifically, who gets inspired by that goal?
Is this goal for you, or is it for someone that you hope to impress?
We are taught that to be acceptable or desirable, we must look, act, dress, behave, and speak a certain way.

But whose goal is that?
And what is your goal?

If you’re taking action for someone else’s goal, you’ll lose motivation overnight.

A responsive goal stirs your soul a bit. 
You can feel it in your belly. It’s less anxious and more unknown. More excitement.
You can find yourself leaning forward instead of leaning back.

A good goal takes you to the edge, wondering curiously, what might that be like?
Who can I be with that goal in place?

A good goal does not necessarily have to seem realistic to others. It only needs to seem barely within reach, or possibly within reach, even if it is a very long reach that you’re unsure you’ll be able to reach – for you. 

In fact, the further you can take it, the longer life you give it.

A good goal does not have to be timely. It only needs timely action to support it.
But time used as a limit will only hold you back. 
If you’re exploring uncharted territory, you may not know exactly what you will find. But that’s exactly where you want to be if you want a motivation that will last.

So if your goal brings out a twinkle in your eye, creates some space in your mind, a beat in your heart, and evens a movement in your gut, then you’re definitely on the right track.

Keep going.

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Published by Krystal Matocha

Krystal helps singles build the confidence to overcome dating anxiety and loneliness. With certifications in heartmath and hypnotherapy, she offers 1:1 coaching programs that are relaxed, conversational, and deeply transformative in 1-3 sessions, without years of therapy, meditation, or nightly self-help homework.


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