Can a woman love a broke guy?

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Someone recently asked, can a woman love or date a broke guy who is NEET?

 NEET, meaning not in education, employment, or training.

 I’m going to tell you guys the truth.

 The answer is yes.

A woman can love or date a guy who is broke and NEET.

But not all women.

You didn’t think it would be that simple, did you?

 Several factors come into play here:

Let’s consider a few common themes.

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 1. Some women are only interested in dating men for their assets.

Or how conventionally attractive their appearance or status is.

It would be ridiculous to ignore this truth.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably met some of these women however, there are plenty of other women who don’t base value on appearances or physical assets.

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 2. Some women choose partners based on a behavioral pattern.

They’re not consciously making the choice, but they find that they keep choosing the same type of man over and over again – for better, or worse.

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3. Some women look for partners with more depth.

 They’re interested in attraction, chemistry, and compatibility, which includes shared mutual interest or trajectory in life.

Can a girl love a guy who is broke and NEET?

 Yes, these women will date men who fit into the NEET broke category. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds.

 These women are looking for more than someone who is going to sit on the sofa all day, not showing a whole lot of ambition for his life.

 They’re looking for partners that contribute.
However, their partners don’t necessarily have to contribute financially.

A lot of that will come down to what she as an individual values and finds meaningful as a contribution.

 I have heard a number of women speak about having partners who, for whatever reason, sometimes it’s a disability, are the ones that stay home and take care of the household and children, if they have children.  They treat them well and they’re happy.

While the women are the ones that are going to work and bringing home the financial support. They have a shared outlook on life, they’re partners in that journey. They’re happy to share their resources and responsibilities with each other.

Money, or the absence of it, is not synonymous with the quality of love between two people.

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Common Concerns With Dating

A lot of the concerns that I hear from men: are centered around the idea that they have to provide in a very particular way, typically the finances.

 A lot of the concerns that I hear from women tend to be centered around their youth or beauty.

 What if we asked men:

Would you date a woman who no longer has her youth, who has had children, and whose body looks quite different?  

Would she still be valuable to you if she wasn’t able to have children?

 Of course, just like with women, you would get a range of responses from men.

Dating attitudes fill a spectrum of preferences.

What a person values in a partner is subjective.

Consider this question instead:

Would you stay single if your date is mismatched with your core values?

 If you think that nobody wants to date you, that’s a whole other conversation.

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I would love to hear from you.

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Published by Krystal Matocha

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