Pain & Self-Esteem: A Helpful Symptom

Pain is a helpful symptom of low self-esteem. If a person breaks their leg, it’s supposed to hurt.If it’s broken, you want it to hurt. Pain is one way the body communicates, saying: Tend to the wound immediately.  Now. Once you’ve tended to it, then the pain can cease because you no longer need it.AsContinue reading “Pain & Self-Esteem: A Helpful Symptom”

Love yourself and love others better

You’ve probably heard someone say, “You need to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else.” But maybe you found yourself wondering, “What does that even mean?” Self-love is a total mystery for the uninitiated. I remember when I first heard people talk about self-love and self-esteem, but I felt utterly unable toContinue reading “Love yourself and love others better”