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Ready to break-free from chronic dieting and the binge-restrict loop?

Join my #nomorediets mini-course for food freedom in 2 weeks!

What if you never had to count calories, macros or measure food again – and you could still manage a healthy weight?

#nomorediets helps transition you from diet-rules mentality to an intuitive system that allows you to eat the foods you love without obsessing over every calorie or macro nutrient. You’ll learn how to sustain a natural, feel-good relationship with food in 2 weeks, and benefit for years after.

Throw-out the fads and try #nomorediets instead.


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History of unhealthy relationship with food… Can you relate?

I’m sharing what I’ve learned from helping myself and others heal their relationship with food.

And I know the struggle is REAL (until you learn how to flip the whole thing on its head).

The Headaches

Between meal planning, measuring food, counting calories and macros and reading up on all the latest diet research, you’ve become obsessed, stressed and hyper-fixated on the food you eat. Not to mention the never-ending loop of binge and restrict!

The Time

You feel like you waste 30 minutes daily (or more) trying to calculate miserable math problems centered-around food. Somehow food seems to have replaced hobbies you used to love.

The Cheating

The pain of force-feeding yourself foods you hate because it’s what the latest research and media are all talking about. Then you feel like a guilty failure when you finally cave and “cheat” on your diet.

What if there was a way to eat the foods you love, without the guilt, without measuring anything, and without total loss of control?

That’s why I created #nomorediets.

I wanted to give you an easy-to-follow system that would gradually transition you from diet rules mentality to no-fuss, guilt-free food freedom. (Because I know it can be a challenge to adjust!)

When you join #nomorediets you’ll learn step-by-step, simple practical methods for bringing more freedom into your diet, in a way that feels good to you.

Best of all, you can learn it all in 2 weeks… but the insights won’t stop there. These techniques will bring new learnings and progress for months and years to follow.

So what’s included when you get your copy of #nomorediets?

4 Video Lessons PLUS Workbook
Over 2 hours of content!

Includes exercises and journal to help personalize and integrate key concepts.

We will cover topics like…

🌱 How to reframe how you think about food and diets.

🌱 How to break the binge-restrict loop.

🌱 How to know the difference between foods that hurt and help.

🌱 How to make peace with food cravings

🌱 How to find balance with any food you choose.

🌱 How to get more satisfaction and joy from all your food.

#nomorediets is for you if…

🙋🏽‍♀️ You have 20+ excess pounds and need help managing a healthy weight. (This course is great for those at healthy weights too!)

🙋🏽‍♀️ You feel stressed, hopeless or worn-down from counting calories, macros, or measuring your food.

🙋🏽‍♀️ You’re so fixated on food that you’ve pushed aside hobbies you used to enjoy.

🙋🏽‍♀️ You force your body to eat foods you dislike because of dietary rules

🙋🏽‍♀️ You have a LIST of foods you’re not “allowed” to eat because you just have to lose weight.

🙋🏽‍♀️ You find yourself digging food out of the trash or going on late night panic binges because you just can’t take another minute of your flippin’ diet anymore!

Just Imagine If…

You could naturally manage a healthy weight.

You could eat in a way that relieves stress and fuels your body.

You had an extra 30 minutes in your day for activities you truly love.

You could eat the foods you enjoy, without the side of guilt.

You could put an end to the diet mentality for good.

Wondering whether you should join?

If you’re still here, it’s because you know, you feel, on some level you need this mini-course. Maybe you’re afraid of what might happen if you loosen your hold on your diet. I get it – I really do.

That’s why I’m making this an easy yes.

When you join #nomorediets, you won’t be required to throw out all your dieting tactics, if that’s something you truly want to hold onto it. Instead, you’ll use my transitional framework to gradually, in your own timing, move into a more intuitive relationship with food.

You’ll be in control and you’ll decide when and how much to loosen the reigns.

And with your own member login, you can get started today, in 2 months, or a year from now.

Whatever floats your root-bear boat!

Get #nomorediets mini-course for…


Only $30

Lock in this price before it goes up!

Hi, I’m Krystal

Wellness coach, certified clinical hypnotherapist, recovered chronic dieter and lover of all things cute-and-cuddly.

The truth is… #nomorediets was conceived unexpectedly through my own struggle with dieting.

In fact, I had no interest in stopping diets at that time. I was on the hunt for the elusive diet unicorn. You know… the diet that is not only fun and tasty but makes you look like a hollywood actress and fixes all your emotional problems too.

I almost thought I found the unicorn once or twice, but it was so much work and became difficult for me to maintain… not to mention a few health problems that popped-up with them. 🙄

Eventually I found myself with 20 pounds over a healthy weight (technically obese, which I was embarrassed to admit) AND my body had become resistant to the restrictive methods that used to get results.That was a low time for me. Food seemed to be my enemy (and somehow also my best friend).

The saddest part was how HARD I was trying… trying to lose the weight and get healthy again:

🚫 NO grains

🚫 NO dairy

🚫 NO fruit (except occasional berries)

🚫 Max 1200 calories/day

🚫 NO starchy carbs

🚫 NO sugar

🚫 NO processed food (except sugar-free chocolate)

🚫 Max 3 servings of meat per week

I was miserable.

Not knowing how to fix my problem, I decided to conduct hypnotherapy sessions on myself. (I had already completed a thorough training program and received my certification.) With each session, I learned something about myself, body, mindset and fears… all kinds of unexpected information flowed forward allowing me to see it in a new light. It was a process and it took time (albeit less time thanks to hypnotherapy).

Through it, I uncovered how to have a healthy, joyful, connected, satisfying and balanced relationship with my body and food.

The most important thing I learned:
learning never ends… It’s only our receptivity and openness that begins to wear-down over time. The good news is we can regain our openness to learn, and I created #nomorediets to show you how, easily and gradually with food.

Then the extra pounds came off and my body achieved a healthy weight again.

Even though I was eating more food, more starch, more grains, and more fruit. After a bit I started eating out again too (even the occasional cheeseburger and fries), and found it had no impact on my weight. Imagine that!

MORE importantly, I’m happy… happier with my body than I’ve ever been, even though it’s not the smallest it’s ever been.

THAT’S what I call freedom.

And I still manage a healthy weight without:

counting calories
counting macros
avoiding restaurants
avoiding certain foods


Enter #nomorediets…

This approach and mindset is so transformational, I knew I wanted to share it with others: people who are ready for a change, people like me and you.

And I know these are unusual times, especially given COVID and the financial strain it’s caused for so many people, families and communities. That’s why I decided to create an affordable, accessible self-study option that can be completed in a short time without stress or any of the demanding rules found with diets.

The #nomorediets mini-course shows you how to think about food differently so you can open to the intuitive knowing of your own unique body, in a gradual comfortable way. The techniques I share inside #nomorediets are the same techniques I still use today because they are adaptable methods (no rules!) that keep you open to change.

(Just remember, change is always the answer to the old problem that seemingly won’t go away!)

And these techniques are natural to the body, which means that anyone can do it. The reason so many of us don’t is because we learned to turn if off, usually at a young age, by watching our role models, peers and media.

In contrast, #nomorediets will show you how to get back to your natural, balanced relationship with food through my proprietary, easy-to-remember, follow-along format. This is a framework that feels good to body, spirit and mind.

You’re welcome! 🙃

Let’s get into some of the nitty-gritty.

Here’s what you’ll learn in #nomorediets:

How to break the endless cycle of binge-restrict through a no-fuss, natural system that your body and mind will love – using my ACE formula. This concept alone is a game-changer that has countless applications! Better still, ALL foods are allowed and you’ll learn how to transition into changing health habits – when and if YOU see fit.

No body-shocks, obsessive counting, forbidden foods, or intimidating goals here.

How and why you can FINALLY make peace with those pesky food cravings that seem to leave you feeling unhinged. My PAL technique leads you into the unknown, exciting terrain of intuition – where you can make new discoveries in your relationship with food.

And this IS an adventure. That’s part of what makes it so fun. Who doesn’t want more fun with their food?

How to always be a winner as you transition from diet-rules mentality to happy food freedom – even if it doesn’t unfold how you planned. BTW, you are always winning.

How to understand what your body wants for balance, health and overall wellness – sans the dietary rules that vilify certain foods. If you enjoy breaking a rule or two, identify as a rebel, or want to be the expert of your own body – you’ll simply LOVE this.

How to get more joy and satisfaction from whatever food you choose. I’ll show you my easy-to-remember 5 part method that brings balance to favorite foods, so you don’t have to worry about losing control.

In fact, you’ll have more control over yourself, while loosening your grip on food.

I call that a no-brainer YES!

Did I mention that this is a value-packed mini-course you can finish in only 2 weeks?

Practice daily and you’ll continue to gain valuable insights over months and years…

Sometimes I wonder why I’m practically giving this course away at such a low price.

Then I remember: there was a time I NEEDED a course like this but didn’t really know it. So I’m making this an easy yes for YOU coupled with an easy transitional system.

#nomorediets will meet you where you’re at. There will be no forcing and no rules.

(Ok, there maybe ONE rule: learn what feels good for you.)

Instead you’ll be encouraged to break rules in this program.

(Am I the only one who secretly feels like jumping up and down inside when I hear that?)

Suffice to say, #nomorediets is a mini-program where you can play and have fun, as you see fit.

As an independent, self-motivated and confession time: stubborn woman myself, this is perhaps my favorite part of the program. Which is why I can’t wait to see what you do with these lessons for yourself!

Grab #nomorediets today!


Now only $30, for a limited time

sample of what you get with #nomorediets

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Here’s what you get when you grab your copy of #nomorediets

2 Week Game-Plan

… to transition from diet-rules to feel-good food freedom with a strong and evolutionary foundation.

The Diamond Principle

… what you NEED to know before you transition from diet-rules to food freedom.

3-Phase Fun Change Process

… for crafting healthy habits in a way that feels good

#nomorediets Checklist & Workbook

…over 15 pages for MORE clarity, MORE wisdom and MORE personalization

5-Part Eating Protocol

…for guilt-free fun and food satisfaction. It’s easy to remember and overtime becomes automatic.

Specific Examples

… tons of specific examples to get you started and help you personalize the program.

You’ve got questions and I’ve got answers

  • Krystal, this sounds great, but can you lose weight with #nomorediets?

  • Yes, #nomorediets can 100% support managing a healthy weight. Where you end-up within that range depends on so many things, including what you enjoy and the natural shape of your body.

    Remember #nomorediets is about quality rather than quantity. Instead of focusing on numbers, you’ll be focusing on enjoying your life and connecting with your body.

  • What if I gain weight or have body image issues?

  • You’ll be focusing on wellness instead of weight, and most people find they are much happier eating this way.

    However, occasionally someone *may* experience a weight-gain once dietary rules are lifted. If this happens, it’s typically because (a) the body was on the lower end of healthy to begin (b) the mind is still adjusting to the novelty of freedom or (c) there is a medical issue, such as food sensitivity or hormones, that needs to be addressed with a physician.

    If this happens, you have free-reign to use a slower gradual approach with #nomorediets. Each of the lessons can be adapted for a cautious approach, because this program was designed to work for you, not the other way around.

  • Can someone with an eating disorder use #nomorediets?

  • If you have a disorder please be sure to consult your physician first. No self-study course can replace working with a licensed health professional. However, with your doctor’s blessing, #nomorediets can support a natural balanced relationship with food.

  • I’m an emotional eater, will this still work for me?

  • This mini-course can help reduce emotional eating, however I recommend combining it with my Banish Binging or Love Your Body program for the best results.

    You can email for more information. I would love to help!

  • What about refunds?

  • Just for fun, let’s put this in perspective for a moment. This mini-course is available right now for the same price you might pay going out to eat – once, but #nomorediets will feed you for years to come.

    PS Due to the digital nature of this mini-course, and because you could binge-consume the whole thing in one day, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Who is #nomorediets for?

Whether you’re a healthy eater who’s turned a bit, shall-we-say, obsessive or you’ve never been able to stick to a diet, #nomorediets is for you.

Obsessive Eaters & Chronic Dieters

Food freedom can be a powerful way to manage a healthy weight. You can even eat your favorite foods, go to restaurants and have *gasp* processed food. Plus you can do it all without measuring, counting, feeling guilt, shame or crashing afterward. Those foods you obsess over now will gradually lose their appeal.


By learning how to connect with your body and food you’ll feel MORE satisfied, MORE nurtured, and MORE engaged with life.

You’ll naturally progress into eating less because food will be, enjoyable, but only food.

Junk Food Lovers

I get it. You hate vegetables and you don’t like healthy food. You still reach for the ice cream, chips, cookies and all the “junk” your doctor wishes you’d toss in the trash. With #nomorediets, it’s all ok!

You’ll learn how to transition into healthy habits without feeling like you have to. I’ll show you how.

In fact, #nomorediets is a great way to continue eating what you enjoy while also learning how to include new nutritious foods into your routine.

No guilt. No shame. No forcing your body to do things it doesn’t want to do.

Pretty great, isn’t it?

How do I join?

Get your copy of #nomorediets here

Set up a secure username/password and pay.

Look for your confirmation email with login instructions. (Check your spam too!)

Start the 2 week game plan to food freedom right away!

And if you ever need help, just email

sample of what you get with #nomorediets

Due to the digital nature of this program, and because you could binge-consume all of this content within a single day,

Imagine where you could be…

2 weeks, 2 months, and 2 years from now.

🙌🏻 Going out to eat at your favorite restaurant with someone you love. Ordering that mouth-watering entree from the menu and enjoying every morsel. Every. Single. Bite.

🙌🏻 Knowing what foods make your body feel good, what doesn’t and when it’s time to just stop eating… without any drama.

🙌🏻 Naturally managing a healthy weight, and absolutely loving it!

🙌🏻 What else would food freedom mean to you?

Get #nomorediets at this special price, before it’s gone.

Join #nomorediets

Go from diet-rules mentality to food freedom in 2 weeks!

With #nomorediets, you can eat the foods you love without obsessing over every calorie or macro nutrient. You’ll learn how to sustain a natural, feel-good relationship with food in just 2 weeks.


$30 for limited time only

sample of what you get with #nomorediets

See you over there!

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