Pain & Self-Esteem: A Helpful Symptom

Pain is a helpful symptom of low self-esteem. If a person breaks their leg, it’s supposed to hurt.If it’s broken, you want it to hurt. Pain is one way the body communicates, saying: Tend to the wound immediately.  Now. Once you’ve tended to it, then the pain can cease because you no longer need it.AsContinue reading “Pain & Self-Esteem: A Helpful Symptom”

We Are Not Broken

Eggy look – not broken, but whole. The shell has sections marked out with black marker. The lines are not smooth, but jagged. They criss and cross, like cracks in the Earth.  Each section a world unto itself.Each line a false divide within the self.Each part a different collection of perceptions in awareness. How doContinue reading “We Are Not Broken”

An Alternative From Rejection

Saying “no” or “I’m not interested” is enough of a response.Explanations are scarcely required nor owed.  Sometimes a person will ask, “Why not?”We get to decide how much we’ll engage.After offering a personal truth, the other might try to persuade or argue. Most people do not enjoy rejection.Understand that, only if taken personally, hearing aContinue reading “An Alternative From Rejection”